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Unizon is a Staffing Solutions & Services firm that specializes in uniting flexible and direct hire professionals in diversified domains. It caters to corporate clients, providing them with efficient manpower for their manifold recruitment requirements. Recruitment solutions is the reputed forte of Unizon Taskforce Technology. Unizon has a dedicated team that works relentlessly round the clock, to bring the best candidates into the selection arena of the corporate world. Our staffing solutions are unparalleled in USA, Canada & India, being specifically intended to suit your desired qualifications of applicants as per your set budget. As a result, the whole procedure of recruitment is smooth and relatively easy for the selectors, thereby saving their precious time and money too.
Also, we are the most trusted and associated partner for one of the top-notch staffing providers ATD Technology LLC.

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Sourcing Specialist

In Recruitment, half the battle is already won if the sourcing is done correctly.

Full Life Cycle Recruiter

Unizon Taskforce Technology gives full-time devoted

Bench sales Recruiter

Our recruiters utilize popular recruiting portals such as Dice

Business Development Specialist

At Unizon Taskforce Technology, we connect you with

Lead Generation Specialist

At Unizon Taskforce Technology, we ensure that businesses

Digital Marketing

Today’s era of Internet has opened a gate of vast variety of opportunities for businesses.

Website Developement

Website development refers to the work that goes into building a website. This could

Application Development

We specialize in developing high-quality applications that can help businesses


Ever since our inception, we have assisted our partners to fulfill recruitment goals speedily and efficiently.
The values that drive us towards achieving our vision are:


Keeping up to our promise of delivering the best, doing what we say, and doing what is right. We function by adhering to the law, transparency, and ethic.


We take complete responsibility of every contract signed with us as we are committed to doing our best and are accountable for what we do.


At Unizon Taskforce, self-esteem is given high deference. We welcome diverse perspectives.


Translates into relentlessly improving quality, maintaining delivery times, and reducing costs.


We are driven by boundless zest, intense motivation, and an effort that matches up.


Setting new benchmarks, improving processes, and refining systems, thus delivering the best consistently, and exceeding client expectations.

Quality-driven recruiting services

Custom-crafting solutions tailored to our partner's individual needs.


We are responsible, creative, distinctive, and performance-oriented.


The offshore team you hire with us works along with your onsite recruitment team towards a common goal - and not as a separate entity.

Signature way of functioning

We follow an ideal blend of unique recruiting strategies and trademarked methodologies.


We proactively seek to improve ourselves and our service quality to exceed client expectations with forward-looking ideas


We help you not only save money but also time - we deliver to speed.

Impact oriented

With us, you achieve your goals productively, expand your business, and witness fast growth.


We deliver incremental value, helping you achieve increased return on investment (ROI).

Performance-Based Work Culture

We are performance-oriented. Our team is backed by years of expertise and undergoes competitive training regularly. They enjoy performance-based incentives. This is how we invest in our employees.


Involvement in continuous research and staying in sync with up-to-the-minute industry trends helps us stay innovative. We promote and support novelty and risk-taking. We believe in sharing ideas and immerse ourselves in continuous learning. We help you face challenges and create a business impact through new ideas and unique problem-solving strategies.

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